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Things are happening...I hope...
Well hello internet it has been....oh...FIVE YEARS SINCE I LAST POSTED ANYTHING? Wow...Time flies....Okay, so, lot's of new stuff. I have a TUMBLR toy blog now, and a youtube channel which I will share with you all. So yay to that.
Hi everyone. It's been a far too long since I've updated a new DeliGuy. And I'm not really sure when I'll be submitting a new one. I'm not done with DeliGuy yet. This past year has been chaotic for me, and finding the time I need to work on the site has been problematic for me. So I admit; not a great start for my web comic, but so it is. New Deliguys to come...eventually....
Hi everyone. New DeliGuy posted. Enjoy the rest of your Friday.
I hope everyone have a good Halloween. I know I did. Anyway, for those of you interested I have opened a TUMBLR accound for the DeliGuy. I figure it'll help draw in more readers. Now all I have to do is upload some new comics... Anyway, here's the link.
Wait, what? I haven'y posted anything since May? Where was I, in a coma? Aaaanyway...I haven't abandoned this site, I've just been horribly inactive. I'm sorry folks, but sometimes life really gets in the way of things. New DeliGuys WILL be showing up soon. Also I have created a Tumbr account, to help spread the good word of DeliGuy.
Hello everyone. I just wanted to post a quick news update concerning my lack of DeliGuy updates. I haven't given up on the webcomic, however I've decided to take a break from posting while I work on other projects for the time being. Sadly due to my chaotic work schedule, my time left over for art is at a premium. I'm trying my best, but things are just moving much slower then I would like. I apologize to all of those who look forward to reading a new DeliGuy. I'll be posting more again. Thank you for your patience.
WOW! It's been a month since my last DeliGuy post. Unfortunately I may be forced to make a new DeliGuy once a month for the time being. I'm not too happy about the idea, but with my schedule, it's becoming difficult to pump out new DeliGuys. Sorry folks. I'm going to figure out a better system to make these faster. Anyway. I hope you enjoy my latest DeliGuy.
Hi everyone> Well it's about frakking time I realised a new Deliguy. I apologize for the long delay, but when you're on an in consistance schedule like I am, it's difficult to keep on track. Anyway, enjoy the new DeliGuy! Caio!
Hi everyone. I hope everyone had a good New Years, even though it was 2 months ago. I just wanted apologize real quick for not putting out any new DeliGuys, as I said I would. Truth be known I was stuck in vacation mode for a while, and afterwards, I had other art responcibilites I had to take care of. But that's over now. I'll be releasing a new DG next Friday. Until then, take care. Cheers.
New Deliguy posted everyone. FYI this'll be the last untill after New Years. It's just now that the holidays are in motion, I'm going to be extra busy on things. I'll be posting a new DG on January 7th. So untill then, I hope you all have a great holiday. Cheerio.
Happy December everyone. New DeliGuy posted, and I'm very happy with this one. I have to admit; number 17 was my least favorite Deliguy comic so far. I just didn't think it was funny, but I needed to post something. Anyway, I also apologize for not posting a new DeliGuy last week. I focused all of last week on an animation test for a potential job. ALSO! Today is my girlfriend Ashlees birthday. Happy birthday baby!
New DeliGuy posted folks. And also 6 days away untill turkey day!
Sorry for the delay ladies and gents, but here is the new DeliGuy. Enjoy.
Not a way to start off the month of November, but sadly I have to report; no new DeliGuy... Truth is I kinda got caught up playing too much GoldenEye 007 for the Wii. So I ended up falling behind a lot. They'll be a new one next week. I'll see if I can get it done sooner.
So yea; new DeliGuy. I've got most of my reinstallation affairs taken care of, and hopefully I'll be able to stay on track once more. Enjoy, and have a happy Halloween!
Sorry folks....no new DeliGuy this week. Long story short I got a nasty computer virus which wiped out my computer, and deleted everything I've worked on for the past two weeks, and I've been thrown back because of it. But I should have another DeliGuy by next week, now that my computer's reformated, and I'm just picking up the pieces. So that's it; see you next week, I hope.
New Deliguy's been posted...or SeafoodGuy...or...whatever...Enjoy!
Another happy Friday folks! New Deliguy, and don't forget to go to the forums. Gonna have a fun weekend, bc my girl and I will be going to see the Gorilaz! Later
Happy October everyone. New Deli Guy posted; you know the drill. Here's a question: why is October the 10th month of the year? Why isn't it the 8th? Afterall 'Octo' means 8, yet it's the 10th...bizzare...
DeliGuy no. 11 is up and about. Enjoy folks, and don't forget to post at the forums.
Once again, a new DeliGuy #10 has been posted.
So once again, a new DeliGuy has been posted. So I couldn't help but notice that nobody goes to the forums page. Post stuff, that's what it's there for.
New Deliguy posted boys and girls; check it out! I hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend!
Well it's been a week, and DeliGuy no 7 is up and posted. So far so good. Other than that; nothing new to report.
Well here goes nothing. www.TheDeli-guy.com is open and I'll be updating on a weekly basis (Fridays).
The DeliGuy is a webcomic I've been wanting to work on for a while, and the now that the site is mostly finished I can finally jump right in, and see what happens. I'll probably be making some adjustments to the site as time progresses.
Also I would like to put out there a special thanks to my friend Mark, because without his help, this site wouldn't look as good as it does. Thanks man.
A day which will live in infamy.
So yea, it looks like my site The DeliGuy is live. It's not flashy, or pretty, or well constructed....but it's up. I am in the process of making improvements as I go.